2020 Schedule

Why (you might ask) would we risk convening a youth sports program in the presence of a pandemic? Most of us believe that it is a good thing to provide an opportunity for kids to get outdoors, exercise, and enjoy a beautiful New England fall afternoon while learning to play soccer, to be a member of a team, to develop good sportsmanship skills, and to enjoy a physical game (win or lose). BUT, of course, we must do it in a safe manner. East Side Sports is committed to all the above, so here is a general outline of our fall soccer program. We have made significant changes from many of the fun things that we have done previously, and these mediations reflect our Governor’s Reopening Rhode Island Youth and Adult Sports Guidance and CDC’s Guidelines for Consideration of Youth Sports.

East Side Sports fall soccer has historically provided a number of wonderful opportunities for family social interactions that included times of hanging around the soccer field after games and practices, chatting with old friends and new acquaintances, watching our kids continue to play on the fields or playgrounds nearby, and in general having unstructured social times with a variety of people. Thanks to COVID, these opportunities will be greatly reduced or eliminated this year, so I apologize in advance and ask for your cooperation as we attempt to make this a healthy and safe season.

Because of the travel restrictions from “Rhode Island to Massachusetts”, as of now we are not be able to use the beautiful facility at the Wheeler Farm in Seekonk. We have devised a new plan that includes a Rhode Island venue, the Boss Field at Providence Country Day. While this facility is not in rural Seekonk, it is much closer and provides a viable option that will allow us to continue with our program. The Boss Field is a very large field behind the main buildings on the PCD campus—it is not the new turf field in front of the buildings. We will essentially treat it as two (2) fields and conduct our plans accordingly. To the left as you walk onto the fields is the NORTH field, and to the right is the SOUTH.

Because our past Saturday morning practices are extremely impractical for keeping safe distances, they have been eliminated. Each team in Divisions 1, 2 and 3 will have its practice prior to the scheduled game at PCD on Sunday—on the field where the game will take place. The start times have been staggered to help reduce the numbers, so you are asked to leave the field when your child’s game is over, as another sizable “gathering” will start to arrive within 15 minutes. There will be no post-game ceremonies, snacks, etc. (the fun stuff). Following this procedure will keep us in compliance with the guidelines and help ensure a safe implementation of our program. See link for 2020 game times.

Tentative Game Schedule:    September 13 – November 8         (No Games Columbus Day Weekend)

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