About East Side Sports

East Side Sports offers fun, recreational/instructional soccer and basketball programs for children living in the greater Providence area in grades Pre – 8 (soccer) and K – 8 (basketball). We utilize parent volunteer coaches to staff each of our teams and expect that all members of our community–players, parents, coaches, spectators, and referees–embrace the Mission Statement and Core Values of East Side Sports.

Mission Statement:

We believe that youth sports have a great deal to offer children in helping them grow and learn and develop into tomorrow’s caring and involved citizens. East Side Sports attempts to integrate the teaching of specific sports’ skills with important life skills such as learning how to be a member of a team, participate in healthy competition, and develop positive sportsmanship.

Core Values:

As a model youth sports program, East Side Sports offers every child the opportunity to participate in:

  • a healthy and safe physical activity;
  • a fun and engaging social activity where children learn the expectations for and value of being the member of a team;
  • a community activity that provides a family-friendly environment where children learn the meaning of sportsmanship, including being exposed to an appropriate level of competition and demonstrating the appropriate associated behaviors;
  • an activity that teaches the development of specific athletic skills so that they can enjoy playing the game in a variety of contexts now and in the future.

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